17 thoughts on “Let’s See What This Sounds Like

    • He keeps sending his minions ’round, by phone or in person, but I’ve been able to fend them off so far. But they’d better not push, or I may go all biblical on their asses! 😈


        • Having trouble deciding on the proper punishment. The nails and crosses thing is so been there, done that, but then so is burning at the stake and boiling them in oil! 😉


          • I heard Genghis Khan use to place his enemies in vats of pure olive oil. Slowly but surely the oil would soften and penetrate the skin and then the body would eventually dissolve. Nasty!


            • I read once, in a sci-fi novel by Robert A. Heinlein, about this group of cannibals that referred to the humans they ate as “long pork.” I don’t recall any references to olive oil, but I hear that all the best cooks use it!

              Strangely enough, I was just searching Google in an attempt to remember the name of another of his novels. The one where a guy became filthy rich after inventing devices that automatically changed the TV channel whenever the one you’re on started preaching at you or trying to sell you something. I left my damned remote across the room while I was reading blogs! 😆


  1. Very cool, and I agree, hypnotic. Or maybe it’s just that I’m only on my second cup of half caffeinated coffee, and the world didn’t go all ballistic with rapture and shit and I’m just dazed and confused.


    • I really like this video, and I’m surprised that ti hasn’t been as well received as the Pendulum Waves one. Also, I’m just as disappointed as the folks who thought that they’d be on their way to heaven today. Except my disappointment derives from the fact that my world is just as full of nutjobs today as it was yesterday! 😀


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