Something Else To Stare At

I found this fascinating video over at the Metousiosis blog.

Fifteen uncoupled monotonically spaced pendulums combine to produce some simply hypnotic “visual traveling waves, standing waves, beating, and (seemingly) random motion.”

via Hypnotic Pendulum Waves

I want ice water.

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35 thoughts on “Something Else To Stare At

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    • Great idea. That reminds me, there was a chain of novelty stores that specialized in cool stuff like that. I don’t remember the name, but I used to always stop through back in the days before the kids took over the malls…


  2. Youve been gone a while, but this video was worth the wait. Thats Very relaxing to watch. Of course since I relate most things to animals this reminded me of the patterns that sparrows will fly in as a group when they go bug catching at dusk.


    • Yes, I’ve been off wandering around the vast emptiness inside my head, pondering the big questions of what and what for. Frankly, I wasn’t sure that I even wanted to do this anymore, but I loved this video so much that I just had to post it. And, as with all my previous “breaks,” responses like yours now make me wonder why I’d ever want to stop. And I’m also fascinated by the patterns of birds in flight! 😀


  3. ooo that’s so pretty! I love that. and I want one. now. like right this very second. need. to. be. preoccupied. … … … ……………….. 😀


    • Wow Kymlee. If these responses are typical, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the makers of this video are already putting together kits they can sell! 😀


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  5. Hope that you do continue to do this . . . just sayin’
    The vid–deja vu all over again. I know that I just saw this somewhere else, which doesn’t diminish its complete awesomeness. As to the mind-altering drugs, don’t you still have to have a workable mind for those to work?


    • I’m trying my friend. I really am. It’s just that it feels like I’ve said what I started out to say in as many different ways I could think of, and I’m starting to sound like the proverbial “broken record” to myself. And like those mind-altering drugs, I’m just not getting the “high” from it that I once did.

      I’ll keep posting the stuff that speaks to me on some level, since the world still has plenty of that, but sense of purpose behind the work just isn’t there. For now at least… 😀


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