I Reject Your Reality…

After spending my whole life treading water in a sea of lunacy, I found myself literally rolling on the floor laughing after I heard MythBuster Adam Savage say:

And that, of course, is because those words so perfectly reflect my own attitude towards the madness that we all live with everyday:

However, as these clips from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart make very clear, the forces of “EEville” do have a way of turning our strengths into weaknesses:

Now you didn’t hear this from me, but rumor has it that they’re already working on some really cool stuff for their campaign:

But I’m sure the “opposition” will be working hard as well. Perhaps these ideas might help:

And would you believe that I actually found an online game called EEville when I went to check the spelling of what I thought was a made-up word? I do try to be thorough!

I want ice water.

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18 thoughts on “I Reject Your Reality…

  1. Reality, shmeality. It’s just a word. Not an actual, real thing, you know? Feel free to make it up as you go as so many seem to be doing lately.

    As for the Trump draft dodging–that is simply priceless. I hope that this information catches fire on these here interweb thingies. By the way, he was disqualified for being a douche-bag, right?


    • Personally, I think that writerdood’s suggestion might have hinted at the ultimate anti-Trump strategy. The guy obviously thinks of himself as some kind of rock star, right. Well doesn’t every rock star dream of having his stage covered by his fan’s well used, SIGNED, underwear? 😯 :mrgreen:


      • Agreed. It’s a good strategy, but I’d have to buy a pair of generic underwear to leave for the Donald as I wouldn’t waste any of my panties on the great forelock.


    • No, thank YOU for making it worth doing! I’m watching White Men Can’t Jump as I write, which contains my favorite mental quote for when the blogging is going well: “It’s hard goddamn work being this good!” 😆


  2. ooh, ooh, Mr. Kotter! I love the idea of selling “I reject your reality” underwear, but why limit it to the great forelock? It could be sold at just about any alternative-reality politician’s rally…….damn, we’re good, but as I know that we are inherently lazy, and that it is in fact goddamn hard work being this good, I don’t think it’s going to happen.
    But wait, is this our chance to become virtual millionaires???


    • Oh damn but that’s a great idea! Not to mention an opportunity to rake even more of that “virtual” cash I tell you what, you have your “people” contact mine and we’ll get the ball rolling!

      Oh wait… I just though of something my friend SpongeBob said: “I’m squared!” 😀


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