Atlas Shrugged – The Movie!

We all know what an abysmal track record Hollywood has when it comes to making movies from great books. With that being considered, I guess I should consider myself lucky that I didn’t read the books that preceded my favorite movies and that most of my favorite books have never made it to the silver screen.

But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t wished that others could see those great stories played out the way I’ve “seen” them in my head. And out of all those I’ve wanted to see put to film, Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged has been on the top of my movie “wish list” for over thirty years!

Well, after many failed attempts, it looks like Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 is finally going to hit the big screen on Tax Day – Friday, April 15, 2011! Several sites have even posted the movie trailer, including Dan Mitchell’s International Liberty: The Movie Trailer for Atlas Shrugged!. Here’s my reblog:

The Atlasphere’s Hans Schantz has posted his interview with Screenwriter Brian Patrick O’Toole at Q&A: The Atlas Shrugged movie trailer, and Dan Mitchell has posted his impressions after a pre-release viewing at Having Now Watched the Movie, Hereโ€™s a Glowing Review of Atlas Shrugged.

As for myself, I can’t remember ever being both this excited and this filled with dread over the release of a movie!

This post is just one of many posts from the In Her Own Words volume of this blog.

I want ice water.

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21 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged – The Movie!

  1. Can’t wait !! Feel like I’ve been waiting for this since 1968 when I first read ‘Atlas’ !! Chances are, though, I’ll have to wait for the Netfix DVD to be available … drat !!


    • Wow Ed, I was beginning to think that no one would even acknowledge this post. Damn the people who’ve ruined this great work with their ridiculously twisted politics!

      It sounds like you’ve been anticipating this for about as long as I have. And you know I’m not much for “group activities,” especially when the theater crowds might be filled with nutjobs!



  2. I haven’t read the book but am starting to hear more and more, especially from you ๐Ÿ™‚ found this good documentary on youtube,

    …good for us newbies ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Her fiction work, like Atlas Shrugged, isn’t so hard. Just long!

      Maybe that’s why I’d never heard of the books most of my favorite movies were made from! ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. I’ve always been a big fan of book to movie…. and usually read the book first, or over again. And, I know I should add this to the list, even though it’s long. But I don’t recall enough of the story to not do so.
    The problem with knowing and loving a book is the inevitable comparison between the author’s vision and the Hollywood vision. This looks to have few big dollar actors in the prominent male roles and that’s probably a good thing. Thanks for sharing this!


  4. Thought I’d drop in to say that I recently saw “Atlas Shrugged’ was quite impressed. Just one thing: I wish that they had not had the time constraints. A two hr. movie would have given more depth to every aspect they touched on. All in all, though, I give it a thumbs up !


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