We Could Be Heroes

I ran across The Replacements on TV while channel surfing the other night. I love the message in that movie, that if given half a chance, even people who no one thinks of as “stars” can still step up and get the job done. And when I heard David Bowie’s Heroes playing at the movie’s end, I got to thinking about how nice it we be if we all got the chance to “step up” in our own lives like those guys did.

So I thought I’d see if I could find that ending segment to post, hoping that you’d find it to be as inspirational as I did. Unfortunately, the quality of the only video I found, at The Replacements Ending, really sucked. And I decided against using a video of Bowie’s Heroes because it was really more about the scenario than the song, and I never actually liked Bowie’s version that much anyway.

Now there was a great song in a very well made video from the TV show Heroes at Heroes – We Could Be Heroes, but embedding was disabled on it. Damn! I did manage to find that same song however, done by a group called BWO (I think) at We could be heroes karaoke. And since it included the lyrics, it damn near became my final choice.

But then I saw a link for Mariah Carey’s Hero, which I love, hadn’t heard in what seemed like forever, and have always intended to get around to posting. And when you toss in the fact that this video also includes the lyrics, it seemed clear, to me at least, that fate had “stepped up” to make the decision easy!

You see, it’s not enough for us, in America or anywhere else, to just replace our old masters with ones that will only turn out to be just like the ones we threw out. Remember, it was Lord Acton who said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” No, I don’t think our problem has ever been a lack of leadership, but rather it’s been our insistence that they lead us to a place that doesn’t exist: The Land Of Unearned Wealth.

I’m telling you my friends, no con man worth his salt can resist taking advantage of a bunch of suckers trying to get something for nothing! Personally, I think it’s high time we all “step up” and take control of our own destinies. Maybe, if we can learn to love ourselves and stop lusting for more than we’re willing to earn, we’ll discover that we’ve had all the “star power” we’ll ever need inside of us all along!

I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “We Could Be Heroes

  1. Yup. Well said Mak. Why is it I’m looking for someone to sell me on my own destiny? I mean cripes, this is my life and happiness not theirs so who is going to be the one that really knows what I need (not want) in life? It’s my job, mine and mine alone.
    A lot of selling going on in America and we get sold everytime elections happen. I’m not sold any longer, there is no amount of bulshit they can shovel into my brain to give my destiny over to them any longer.
    Lets just hope tomorrow and the next day I feel the same way.


    • Thanks for the great response Bats. You know, regardless of what we all in public, our true motivations are always selfish in nature. If I’m going to end up somewhere I don’t want to be, I’d much rather have arrived there following my own ambitions that the unknowable ambitions of others.

      The trick is, I think, to make sure my motivations are driven by genuine, and rational, self-interest, which also helps with that feeling the same the next day thing! 😀


  2. great blog post my friend, and true enough, we can all be heroes and talking about the music, I loved Bowies version but have never been a fan of Mariah but this one is good… Damn good lyrics.


  3. In 2008, the finalists in Simon Cowell’s ‘X-Factor TV talent competition in the UK released a charity single – the proceeds of which went to the Royal British Legion (the organisation that looks after the welfare of UK service personnel and their families)

    To mark the launch of the charity single, the finalists performed it live on the show to an audience which included some service men and women whose units were currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan

    Noseycow (one of the original MadHatters) posted it on our site. I cried buckets when I watched it then. I’ve cried buckets watching it again now.

    Embedding is disabled but I recommend you take the time to click to watch and listen to it on Youtube


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