So You Want To Be Free, Eh?

Continuing my efforts to ease everyone’s anxieties about the dramatic changes taking place in our world, I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce those seeking to live as free people to the three most important aspects of democratic life. The first two, The Right To Vote and Freedom Of Religion, come by way of the Erotixx photoblog:

Socialist Catalonian Party Vote – Woman Has Orgasm

Quite a superb ad about the pleasures of voting, I think I will vote next year as well now this one did get banned from the spanish TV…

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Religious flowchart

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The last, and most important aspect of democratic life I want to introduce you to is called Freedom Of Expression. This blog post is a prime example of it and if you live in a place where you fear reprisals for accessing and/or producing expressions such as this, then trust me, you are NOT free!

By the way, if you or someone you know is in Egypt and having trouble bypassing the government blocking of websites, poietes has posted some very useful information in her “Psychological death is worse than physical death” post!

And if you need some insight into the inherited foreign policy quagmire President Obama is now stuck having to deal with: Fear Extreme Islamists in the Arab World? Blame Washington.

I want ice water.

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15 thoughts on “So You Want To Be Free, Eh?

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  2. I do love bacon though!
    I’m having issues with humanity right now and whether that has to do with religion or just plain sick of selfish assholes, I dunno That was my one freedom of expression I’m allowed a day ;). I hate organized religion so I’m going with bacon.
    I want bacon.


  3. You know, I rather imagined the woman in the video getting off on being in a position of dominance, but your feelings actually match my own much better. Does that mean we’re “submissive” voters?!?! 😀


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