29 thoughts on “The Trouble With Hierarchies

      • This cartoon is PERFECT for me today! I think I may have just compromised my artistic integrity. I set a post, “Interview with a Snowman- for publication this morning. When I checked my blog upon waking, the Foodie Blogroll logo was gone- which delivers plenty of traffic for me. But I am not monetized, so what does it matter? There was this little red ‘X” where their logo was…my new post contained foul language, and had nothing to do with food…so, I hid it and posted a soup recipe that was scheduled for the end of the week…and guess what? Their badge/logo instantly reappeared! Have I just been had by “the MAN”? If so,only because I submitted to it, to get something I want.

        Then I went over to another favorite site, Gaga Stigmata. All sorts of analysis on Lady Gaga’s art…how bold and ‘out there’ she is…in your face, expressing whatever she wants…and me, cowering to the “tops” just to see the improved stats from the traffic they drive towards my site…hmmm…… must go think about this- or clean up the language in the snowman interview piece….many f’s, s’s and h’s. Which is still an artisctic compromise- my snowman f*#*@ng cusses all through the interview- he was rotten, I tell you- just a miserable f’n snowman bastard!


        • Wow Silky, they must really stay on top of the sites that use their button! As a technical matter, I’d love to get an explanation of how they deactivated just the one badge on your blog the way that they did. πŸ˜•

          There have been a number of times when I’ve censored myself after I became aware of the range of people who visit my blog, as both a courtesy and out of fear of driving away traffic. I can’t say that I like limiting myself that way though.

          After all, one of the reasons I started my blog was to have a platform to express the things I wasn’t necessarily comfortable expressing elsewhere. I deal with it to a certain extent by maintaining another blog on an entirely different platform, but it bothers me at times that neither blog actually represents the real me. 😐


    • What a great idea! I’ve often thought it would be nice to have a collection of t-shirts with words and graphics covering a wide range of situations, but then I saw an episode of The Big Bang Theory where one of the guys had a t-shirt programmed to play sound effects and movie catch phrases on command. Hilarious! πŸ˜€


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    • I’m very fortunate to have really good friends, who have tons of other good friends themselves, who are nice enough to add my email address to the group they forward these things to. πŸ˜€


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