More Things To Stare At

Despite my lack of activity on this blog, I still spend an enormous amount of time browsing the web. Over time, I’ve managed to subscribe to so many sites that I can’t even begin to remember how I ran across the majority of them. Not surprisingly, to me at least, since my Google Reader account long ago became as clogged up as my DVR, my GMail Inbox has 5950 unread messages in it as I publish this post.

Occasionally, however, I do open one of them just to see where it will lead. This morning I decided to go to one of the wonderful image sites I’ve subscribed to: From up North. That page is just the first of many containing links to the many galleries that their emails have highlighted. Clicking on Inspiration Gallery #125 for example, brought up a page containing images like these and more:

(Click the image to go to its source)

Each of these images linked back to their source and, as I said, I’ve done the same thing here. I was so impressed with the Jimi Hendrix image that I decided to see where it lead as well. Here are a few of the wonders I found:

I could spend all day looking through these beauties, and I just about did. But I can’t afford to dawdle. I’ve now got another 5952 emails to go through!   

I want ice water.

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17 thoughts on “More Things To Stare At

  1. These are fucking awesome!!! I’m going to rip a couple of them and post them somewhere. I’ll list you as the source and link you when I do.



    • I know, but I’d have to sort through the massive amount of subscriptions my reader already has (115) before I get rid of ones I don’t want to continue and then add all the new ones I want to follow. I know that, ultimately, using the reader would be better because I can get direct updates from sites like yours, but, for the moment at least, the work required keeps me from it. πŸ˜•


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