The Allman Brothers Band

With the help of Netty Gritty’s How to embed a video playlist in a blog post, I’ve discovered this really cool way to embed video playlists in a post. And I can think of no better way to use it than to continue my series of folk/country/southern rock genre posts with a selection of great songs by The Allman Brothers Band.

With a wonderful style that blends a great southern rock sound with a nice touch of the blues, The Allman Brothers Band have done so many memorable songs that I had a hard limiting my selections to the seven songs I’ve included here. Of course, I made sure to include my all-time favorites at the start (Ramblin’ Man) and at the end (Jessica) of the playlist. Enjoy!

I want ice water.

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28 thoughts on “The Allman Brothers Band

    • The playlist will be here whenever you want to hear/watch one of the songs. To create your own, click on the link at the bottom of this playlist to go to the Embedr site. You can then setup an account and start making your own lists. When you’re ready to post one, email me the embed code they give you, and I’ll send back a gigya shortcode that you can use in a post. πŸ˜€


  1. Not really my choice of genre, but its not something I dislike either. Rite in the delicious gray zone where all the stuff goes that bring ya out of that boring mundane rut. Now I will have to see if Netty Gritty has any other audio players so I can put my weird home made ring tone recordings up on my blog.


    • It is so cool! And it really wasn’t all that hard. You just add the urls for the videos one at a time. You can drag them around to set the desired display order, and then select the size and color on the next page before you grab the embed code. πŸ˜€


  2. It played in I.E., but not Firefox,. Probably need a plugin. No matter, The Allman Brothers have been a favorite of mine since way back when. The loss of Duane Allman hit hard. What a guitar player. Eat a Peach is my favorite album by them.


    • Funny, I use Firefox exclusively, and it works just fine on my system. However, I haven’t been able to create anymore playlists, due to “database” and “too busy” errors. I suspect that they are either overwhelmed with people trying to use the service or it just wasn’t set up very well. I’m in the process of trying out another playlist service, but it doesn’t look as nice, nor is it as flexible in appearance and video ordering.

      Duane’s death was a real tragedy, but I’d never heard of the band until I overheard some co-workers discussing how they seemed to be plagued by death when Berry Oakley died a year after Duane. Eat A Peach was really good. Note that I’ve included two of it’s songs, Melissa and Blue Sky, in the playlist. I wanted to include Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More also, but I had to draw the line somewhere! πŸ˜€


      • Must have been swamped because it now works in Firefox.

        I first heard of the Allman Brothers when Duane played with Clapton and made Layla, my favorite album of all time. Unbelievable blues, and a sound that will never be recreated again.


        • Maybe I’ll give Embedr another try.

          It’s funny you mentioned Layla, because my friends (who were so surprised that I hadn’t heard of The Allman Brothers), said that I should at least have heard of Duane Allman since he was the “D” in Derek and the Dominos. I’ve never found any proof that that’s true, and it certainly doesn’t say that on this Wikipedia page. I wonder if the fact that he was dead made that idea seem so believable? πŸ˜•


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