Filed Under WTF?: 20 Strangest Sex Laws (via The Intoxication of Vera Roberts)

The font is kinda small so click on the pic to get a better view. So how many laws have any of you broken? Credit: Medical Insurance Blog.

Click through for full size image.
Filed Under WTF?: 20 Strangest Sex Laws
Reblogged from The Intoxication of Vera Roberts

I want ice water.

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6 thoughts on “Filed Under WTF?: 20 Strangest Sex Laws (via The Intoxication of Vera Roberts)

  1. Ive read these someplace before, in perhaps a less entertaining fashion. Still not sure whether I should file these under “Reasons why we cant have nice things as a Species” or “Reasons not to put to much faith in Human nature” or to just create a new sarcastic category completely.

    I guess at least humanity is consistent in its law making habits across the board.


  2. OMG these are awesome! But after laughing out loud I try to stop my brain from thinking about how these laws came about in the first place. Thanks for the post!


  3. Still attempting to wrap my head around not being able to have sex with a virgin on your wedding night in Washington state. But so glad that you cannot eat the lamb after deflowering it. The penis costume ban in the Nevada legislature is unfortunate as I believe that all politicians (preferably male republicans) should be made to wear penis costumes while standing at a podium, especially when filibusting.


    • Penis costumes for politicians, eh? That makes me wonder if I had the whole powdered wig thing figured wrong! Perhaps they didn’t wear them because they thought they looked cool that way!?!? 😕

      Myself, I’d settle for having them wear signs that say “You’re paying me $$$,$$$ per year to do this!” or simply “Your tax dollars at work!” 😆


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