This is John Galt Speaking – Episode 8

This is Episode 8 of the This is John Galt Speaking video series:

“The Trader Principle” & “Force”

Please Note: Although these videos contain precisely the kind of background effects that I would have used had I the ability to produce them myself, the background effects are not the reason I’ve chosen to post them on my blog. These videos are here only because they contain a spoken version of the speech given by Ayn Rand’s character John Galt in Atlas Shrugged.

For information about the creator of these videos,
go to GaltSpeaking’s Channel on YouTube.

This post is just one of many posts from the In Her Own Words volume of this blog.

I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “This is John Galt Speaking – Episode 8

    • You are absolutely the very first person, that I know of, to find anything funny about these videos. I hope that your good humor is a sign that you aren’t as offended by them as some seem to be. Rand is SO misunderstood! 😀

      Anyway… I went to check again for the dude climbing over the desk you mentioned, only to find that embedding of this video wasn’t enabled. So I went to the creator’s YouTube page to request that the setting be changed. I’m not even half way through the series! 😯

      Of course, all this begs the question as to whether or not you actually watched the video… 😕


      • Oh yeah, I watched it…I wasn’t trying to say that the whole video was humorous in nature, obviously—just the one scene made me chuckle…

        Nazism and racial tension never really tickled my funny bone…

        I’ve never read the book that this Galt speech is taken from though…I’m guessing it was written long before my time and something tells me that there’s a reason it wasn’t required reading in school…


  1. Im sure if I actually read “Atlas Shrugged” Id get more out of it. But really I just got a kick out of all that goofy stock footage. I might actually have to dig out my copy of the book and read it, despite how dry it sounds if that speech is anything to go by.


  2. I’m not sure if you noticed over at BlogCatalog (Ron), but this is primarily a philosophy blog. At one point, I had every intention to pursue a degree in it, but I kinda gave up on learning about it the “traditional” way when I took an introductory course (just to try it out) only to have the instructor tell me that Ayn Rand was not a recognized philosopher. Quite possibly the greatest thinker to have ever lived, and these entrenched establishment A-holes won’t even recognize her!

    Anyway… The speech given by the John Galt character takes up quite a few pages in quite a large book. And it’s not that Rand wastes words, for she most certainly does not! It’s just that you can’t describe, in detail, both why people are so fucked up AND how they can reach their true potential, in just a few short sentences. But if those things are of interest to you, they are most definitely in there! 😀


  3. This is one of those books I keep meaning to read. A few people I know have read it and been greatly moved by it. When I was still able to watch videos on my computer that died, I saw several of her and loved what she had to say in interviews. She was spot on, on the things I saw of her.

    But dang, that tome is intimidating in its sheer size!


    • Even though I stopped saying it, because people would give me the look I reserve for religious fanatics, I still think it’s the greatest story ever told. But you’re right about it being an intimidating read. Not so much because it’s slow going, because it’s extremely engrossing, but more because of the countless points where the reader has to stop and say, “Oh wow, that is so damned true!”

      And like any great book, I both look forward to, and dread, the thought of it being made into a movie. Well magnify those feelings times a hundred for Atlas Shrugged. The latest attempt (of many) is in production right now. Here’s a behind the scenes look:

      A nice look at the back-story can be found at Atlas Shrugged Begins Filming: The Story Behind the Film of Ayn Rand’s Famous Novel. 😀


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