Is John Galt Being Censored?

As part of my In Her Own Words volume, I had planned to publish a series of posts that included videos dramatizing the astonishing speech made by the character John Galt in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Alas, that may no longer be possible now that YouTube has decided to make them unavailable.

The reasons for this are unclear, but the first video below was made by the producer of those videos as an announcement of their unavailability. The second video is the only part of the series that, for whatever reason, IS still available. I thought I’d rush this post out to allow you to see a sample of what you are not being allowed to see – while you still can.

I want ice water.

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15 thoughts on “Is John Galt Being Censored?

    • Well, as XCowboy2 said, he’s working on finding another host. It’s possible that he’d be willing to allow folks to download them directly, but I haven’t checked.

      I wish that it had occurred to me to download them from Youtube myself, but as he was updating them periodically, I wanted to be able to post the most recent versions. I did think to grab this one while I could.

      If you want to be able to see it again, I advise you to do the same. I have no idea how long it will be available here. 😐


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  2. IP (Intellectual Property) is quite a thorny issue. If words, music or images are used by someone other than the owner and without permission, it shouldn’t be too surprising if the use is challenged.

    I wanted to share a song I like on YouTube. WMG (Warner Music Group) objected and my video was blocked. It was a song based on a poem and what I really cared about was the poem. So I then thought about finding the poem and just sharing that on my blog. I didn’t really need the whole song. I found the author’s web site and it made it quite clear than any republication of the poem was strictly forbidden. About the only thing I could do would be share a link to the poem which the author was gracious enough to have online. He just wanted to be the only place where it could be found.

    In this case, it sounds like the issue is that someone is reading from a copyrighted work, namely an Ayn Rand book. Even if the recording is new and not copyrighted and the music isn’t copyrighted, the words themselves that are being read from the book are copyrighted and thus protected by IP laws.

    Some content owners are cool and more flexible, some are royal douchebags. As the owners of the content, however, that is their right.


    • I agree with everything you said and, although it would still a shame for people not to be able to see these excellent videos, I couldn’t argue with them if I thought that was actually the case. There might be something else going on here however. Take a look at what XCowboy2 posted on his Youtube page about what happened:

      “I will update you guys as soon as I know what’s next, but YouTube took the vids down based on a challenge from “Wolters Kluwer Health”– I have no idea who they are. If anyone has any idea what they would have to do with my vids I’d appreciate it.

      Will update you as soon as I have a solution!”

      Considering some some of the things I’ve said on this blog about Republican attempts to hijack Ayn Rand’s works to serve their own distinctly non-Objectivist agenda, in combination with the imagery included in the removed videos that make it clear that XCowboy2 feels the same way, I find it suspicious that a company like Wolters Kluwer Health, who no doubts benefits greatly from the health-care system as it stands, would find fault with something that casts doubt on the side of this debate that wants to maintain the system as it is. 😐


      • Thanks! πŸ™‚

        If an IP owner is protecting their works then it really can’t be called “censorship.”

        Think of it like your car. You have the right to decide who, if anyone, will be allowed to drive it. If you decide none other than yourself, that’s your right. Anyone who drives it without your permission is stealing.

        Regarding Wolters Kluwer Health, I would assume that ONLY the owner of the content can make an IP claim. If they aren’t the owner of the content then I think that should be challenged.

        In today’s world of corporations and buyouts and takeovers and such, though, it is not outside the realm of possibility that they may indeed own the content.


        • Although I did watch all of the videos before they were taken down, there was far too much imagery in them for me to remember very much.

          I can only assume that something owned by Wolters Kluwer Health was used, but I can’t imagine what could have been in SO MANY videos that they would’ve owned.

          It’s not like health care was the recurring theme. πŸ˜•


    • Thanks. I also agree with your conclusions. Unfortunately, whatever tiny, range-of-the-moment benefit they get from it, will ultimately be at everyone’s expense! 😐


  3. If that health company does own some of the content, figure out what it was then leave it out. If your content gets removed for IP reasons you’d think they might have to tell you why so you can fix it.


    • You’d think that would be the rational way to handle things. From some of the chatter I’ve seen on the web though, Google has shown a propensity for “preemptive” video removals based on nothing more than a rumor of potential legal problems. I really don’t know any details of this case beyond what I’ve written here.


  4. Videos are back up — new channel is “GaltSpeaking”

    I don’t think I am being censored– I think they were overzealous about a 1 second clip in one of 29 videos. They wrecked the community I’d built, but now that I’ve edited out that one second clip the videos at least are up again. I changed the channel to protect what is left on my original page.

    Thanks for your concern and interest!


    • That’s great news! It’s amazing how bent out of shape people can get over such trivial things. I’ve subscribed to the new page, and plan on continuing to post your stuff. Thanks.


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