OMG this is awesome!

A great NASA slideshow set to Alpha by Vangelis!

Max. video and volume are strongly recommended!

In case you’re wondering, that was indeed the crew of Space Shuttle Columbia, taken shortly before the tragic end of their mission. As we approach the end of the shuttle portion of our space program, I can only hope that we never lose sight of the vision that these brave people – and their predecessors – died for.

I know that the vision is still very strong within those who continue this great work. But the future has always been in our hands – and in the hands of our children. Please inspire them to reach beyond their grasp!

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I want ice water.

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19 thoughts on “Alpha!

  1. Great, great slideshow !! And, though maybe off topic, if we can do something like this that requires thousands and thousands of things to come together just right and have it work … makes you wonder why a few hundred people, of our choosing, can’t come up with a reasonable bill for healthcare. Just a thought.


  2. Thanks! I wish I’d had this when I did The Final Frontier. Then again, it does stand pretty well on it’s own. Did you notice what appears to be the planet Saturn in one of the shots near the end? I didn’t mention it because I was afraid that it wasn’t what it looked like. What do you think?

    I’m kinda conflicted on the healthcare thing, being philosophically opposed to “socialized” anything. But we do not live in the ideal Capitalist system I’d prefer and, if we agree that things like free education are needed for the sake of our prosperity, then it only stands to reason that our citizens should have free healthcare. As far as I’m concerned, neither side in this debate are standing on solid ground philosophically. Those in favor must demonstrate that such a bill can be both truly helpful and paid for, and those opposed must provide a reasonable alternative that doesn’t leave so many of our citizens defenseless against the healthcare jackals (doctors, hospitals, insurance & medtech companies, and all those damned lawyers of course!) who want to get rich off their suffering! ‘Nuff Said. 🙂


    • It certainly looks like it might be Saturn. I wonder if there is an agency that could verify whether it really is ?
      As for “our citizens should have free healthcare” …. we all know that nothing is free … one way or another it is we who would pay for it.


      • On the photo question, I suppose that one could ask the source agency (NASA?). 😕

        On the healthcare thing, it’s the “we who would pay for it” part that has those clowns all scrambling to protect their “special” interests! Argh! 🙂


        • I suppose that would be the logical way to find out about the picture !!

          The healthcare thing ? I have always advocated for the simple solution to a
          problem. Instead of this trillion dollar boondoggle:
          1) legislate law that would eliminate ‘pre-existing condition’ clauses.
          2) legislate law that would eliminate the ability of an insurer to drop a
          payee because of illness.
          3) legislate law that would allow enforcement of rate hikes being tied to
          the rate of inflation.
          4) No ifs, ands, or buts allowed in any of the above.

          So, I wonder if we could anyone to analyze how much of the taxpayers money
          this plan would cost ? [?]


          • On your item 1, insurance companies are in the business of insuring against “unknown” conditions, so requiring that they insure against a “known” condition is a contradiction in terms. As I see, the problem here comes from companies manipulating the data to make it appear that a condition was pre-existing. I’m definitely in favor of putting a stop to that!

            On you item 2, I’m all for this one. Especially since it puts people at risk for problems from item 1!

            On your item 3, I’m in general agreement with you, but the rate of inflation isn’t the same for all markets. The inflation rate for health associated costs is dramatically higher than for most other markets. This way of insuring fair insurance rates would require similar regulation of the costs that insurance rate hikes are based on. This could lead to a whole new bureaucratic nightmare!

            Overall, I think that going after the insurance companies the way the Dems are doing is just another example of government scapegoating. It’s not that they don’t deserve to take a hit, as do all businesses that try to disassociate their profits from the value of their service, but there are plenty of others that are in need of some public humiliation as well.

            Unfortunately, the ones who should do it, “we the people” and the ones we elect to represent us, are just as guilty – of seeking too much for too little.


  3. I think most of us, “we the people”, want only fair and justifiable ‘rates’ … no matter what the product is … be it insurance, a flat screen TV, or a new set of tires for the car. It is sad that something as important as a persons health and how it is paid for can not be that simple.


    • If only we could force better insurance rates the way we can force better prices for TVs and cars – by refusing to pay what we think is too high a price! But only a fool decides to forgo health insurance just because it costs too much, and even the fools won’t have a choice after coverage becomes mandatory. We can see how well THAT will work just by looking at the costs of government mandated auto insurance.

      That’s why I believe that at part of the solution to this healthcare thing lies in making the insurance game more competitive. But unless we can also force down the costs for medical care and the technology that it requires, we’re gonna be stuck with insurers actually competing to see who can cut out the most benefits and get away with it! 🙂


  4. Saturn Update: I just saw a commercial for PowerBar where Lamar Odom dunked a basketball on the moon. He passed Saturn on the way! Well, I guess that solves that! Imagine me laughing insanely. 😆


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