Funny Follow Ups

In my Well, So Much For Change post, I mentioned how the election of Scott Brown to take up the late Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat has actually only managed to prove that nothing ever really changes in American politics at all. I didn’t see the need to be all dramatic about it since it is, after all, just another example of the huge, never ending, circle jerk of American politics.

But if you if you happen to like dramatics and circle jerks, then you’ll really get your rocks off watching Keith Olbermann’s response to The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart getting on him about his dramatic pronouncements about Massachusetts’ new US Senator:

And I wish that my Free At Last? post had been half as funny as what John Oliver had to say in this piece from The Daily Show:

The Daily Show's John Oliver celebrates the Supreme Court decision to finally award corporations their long-denied rights.

Thank goodness there are professionals out there who’re so eager to help a struggling blogger out.

I want ice water.

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2 thoughts on “Funny Follow Ups

  1. Nice, enjoyed the videos, especially the John Oliver one, it cracked me up quite a bit.

    I’ll have to get around to reading your ‘free at last?’ post to compare.


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