Too Big To Succeed?

I started this blog with what I admit was a rather ambiguous goal in mind. I knew that I had some issues to work through, and I also knew that I had a great deal to say about humanity in general and the lives that we live. In did my best to forewarn people as to what I intended in my Opening Rant. I’ve used everything I could think of, including philosophy, music, art, humor, and politics, to achieve that goal ever since.

In furtherance of that end, I had decided to post something on my understanding of how the human mind works and how we use philosophy, art and politics to impress ourselves onto the world around us. But it had become such an involved and convoluted mess that I decided to shelve it until I’d given it some further thought. But then a most amazing thing happened. As much as I hated to do so, I was forced to go out into the world on Friday in an attempt to resume treatment for my many ills at the local VAOPC. And it was precisely that absolute joke of an experience that caused me to wonder if I’ve been going about this all wrong.

You know how the news media has made such a big fuss over how some businesses and institutions were “too big to fail?” Well, once again it has occurred to me that, just like the VA and the larger system of which it is a part, this entire human “thing” we have going here may just have become too big to succeed! After the sudden and shocking return of this fatalistic view, truly my oldest and most powerful adversary, I’ve had to give some serious thought to whether or not it makes any rational sense for me to continue banging my head against the wall trying to figure the whole mess out – and to pass whatever I manage to learn on to you. I had to consider the possibility that it’s simply a lost cause!

But my visit to the VA was on Friday. It’s Sunday evening now and I’ve had time to calm down a bit. Hell, in my world Friday seems a lifetime ago. And with the return of my calm has also come a resurgence of the fire that has driven this whole I Want Ice Water crusade from the beginning. But the question still remains as to whether my quest to save us from ourselves is too little too late, or if this whole human enterprise is just too big to succeed.

By the way, after a little editing I’ve decided to post that “involved and convoluted mess” after all. It’s called The Philosophy of Art and Politics.

Once again, I will now step aside and let artists greater than myself provide their enlightened contribution:

I want ice water.

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5 thoughts on “Too Big To Succeed?

  1. Reblogged this on I Want Ice Water and commented:

    After publishing my Charlie Rose – Alec Baldwin on Social Media post, I spent some time reflecting on the admission I made at its end of my. That was my first mistake. My second, even worse, mistake was doing it while the news was playing in the background on my TV. Blamo – The floor feel away from under my feet, and I went circling down the drain of fatalism and futility! But then I remember this old post from almost three years ago…


  2. The human species, like most species, save the cockroach and a few others, will ultimately die out because it will kill everything it needs to survive. Fatalistic? Hell yes, but sometimes I just sit back and think, “Geez, what won’t we do in furtherance of our superiority?” It makes me want to go back to never leaving the house.


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