Oh I Dreamed Last Night…

This is a partial reconstruction of a dream I had one night.

“Well that was a bust, wasn’t it?”
“You’re being too hard on yourself.”
“Give yourself some time to recuperate.?”
“And to reflect.”
“You’ll feel better then.”
“But I really thought that I’d get it right this time!”
“Where have I heard that before?”
“From me.”
“And me.”
“And me.”
“And me as well.”
“How do you keep going back, when it ends like this?”
“Because every time through gets us a little closer.”
“To becoming what we want to be.”
“What we’re meant to be.”
“You have to admit that you’ve advanced quite a lot.”
“But I screwed up so much, and left so much undone.”
“Well, considering the limited timespan…”
“And with what little we carry forward…”
“The steps are incremental by necessity.”
“But worthwhile in the end.”
“Well it’ll be a while before I try again.”
“You’ll get bored soon enough.”
“And filled with ideas on how to do better.”
“You won’t be able to resist.”
“We never can.”

And speaking of dreams, I’m reminded of I Dreamed Last Night by Justin Hayward & John Lodge from their Blue Jays album:

Oh I dreamed last night I was hearing, hearing your voice
And the things you said well they left me, left me no choice
And you told me we had the power
And you told me this was the hour
That you don’t know how
If I could show you now?

Well I dreamed last night you were calling, calling my name
You were locked inside of your secrets, calling my name
And you told me lost was the key
And you told me how you long to be free
That you don’t know how
Oh let me show you now

Like a bird on a far distant mountain
Like a ship on an uncharted sea
You are lost in the arms that have found you
Don’t be afraid
Love’s plans are made
Oh don’t be afraid

If there’s a time and a place to begin love
It must be now
Let it go
Set it free

Oh I dreamed last night I was hearing, hearing your voice
Why did you say those things that have left me, left me no choice?
When you told me we had the power
Why did you tell me now was the hour?
But you don’t know how
Oh let me show you now

Like a bird on a far distant mountain
Like a ship on an uncharted sea
You are lost in the arms that have found you
Oh don’t be afraid
Love’s plans are made
Don’t be afraid

If there’s a time and a place to begin love
It must be now
Let it go
Set it free

Oh I dreamed last night I was hearing, hearing your voice…

I want ice water.

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8 thoughts on “Oh I Dreamed Last Night…

  1. Oh how I love this Dream…. and to me its simple…
    This dream speaks to me.. very clearly…
    You are talking to yourself.. and yourself and yourself.. In fact we are multiple selves I don’t know if you believe in re-incarnation, but it’s a fact.. And I have spoken to those on the other side that confirm it as fact.. Now whether you believe that or not it matters..
    Ok a great book to read is Many Lives many Masters by Brian L Weiss its available on Amazon .. Our Higher Self is part of ourselves. That which isn’t Incarnate on Earth Your Dream is speaking to you as you are dreaming, ( Dreams are often mixed with memory to help one unravel your waking world.. and can also be memory of recalling travelling back into that realm where we reside, the higher dimensions.) This Dream to me is recalling a conversation with your higher selves-those dual parts of you… which is ( Me and Me and me..)
    When we die, we travel back and see how we have done within this dimension.. We come to this dimension to experience.. We have in and infinite ‘Time’ to experience.. Three score Years and Ten is but a blink of an eye… And through that wealth of experience, we gather greater understanding to that Oneness.. that Great Spirit.. of all that there is.. the I AM.. that many speak of..
    Your conversation is in Black.! Each colour represents an aspect of self. Which has already been through various incarnations for we are all part of a group soul.. (( I know I have probably lost you right here )) But the dream is telling you that you set yourself some goals, some lessons and you blew it this time around in one of them your visits to Earth.. But they are telling you it’s of no matter because you get to try again.. And it may have ended in ‘our terms’ here on earth as pretty bad.. ““How do you keep going back, when it ends like this?” and they are saying its worth it because every time you come to earth you get a little closer.. Closer to what you may say… Closer to the source… the Oneness. That creator the one we all strive to get back to. For we are all Consciousness all of us part of the whole.. But we came to experience.. We cant experience unless we have a point from outside ones self to experience.. this is where Sacred Geometry comes in.. (( again Ive lost you hear maybe too ))
    The dream is telling you that even though you think you failed, youve advanced alot.. you have learnt much.. You are chastising yourself for you could have done better and left things undone.. But you are being told you get another stab at it. The limited timespan is earth years.. The Little we carry forward, is that when we go back we remember who we are.. But when we come back to earth we are given amnesia we have to start out again with no memory of why we came.. and those incremental steps.. are our many lives… But it will be worth it in the end.. The “ Will it be awhile before I try it again?” are you asking when will I re incarnate? And the answer is saying when your ready, for you will get bored soon enough and want to try again and taste the physical life of earth and you will make another Blue print of how when you will want to return.. the last too lines are obvious… the pull of the physical plane of existence … Earth is one of the most hardest Schools of learning.. but one in which we progress alot faster..
    I hope this makes some sense to you .. 🙂
    Your Dream made a whole lot of sense to me.. 🙂


  2. What an interesting way of looking at it Sue!

    Like I said, this was an attempt at “a partial reconstruction of a dream I had” – the memory of which was more than a little fuzzy. While I do remember feeling as if the voices were from separate and distinct consciousnesses, I recall one philosopher (try as I might, I can’t remember who!) writing about each individual consciousness coming into being when God divided himself up to create them and then forgot himself in the process. When looked at this way, every consciousness is merely a different personality living of a single mind, and the thing we’re all seeking is reunification into God! 😀


    • Exactly! :-D… and the shift we speak about in 2012 is the shift in that concscious awareness, as those who are ready can take a leap forward into that next dimension .. But as we are dual selves also.. there has to be positive energy and negative energy there has to be for one cannot experience one without the other.. We were given ‘Free Will’ to chose which path, which vibration of energy we wanted to take.. There Has to be balance and order.. But Mankind has developed and has leaned more towards the Male aspect of energy_ the War-like Controlling.. over the last 15 yrs the Female Energy has been returning.. ( Note how many females now work, are in Governments. etc .. the balance is swinging back the other way… and we live in a perpetual cycle.. this cycle is about to close as the new one begins.. Now in order for compassion and love which are female energy traits to come back, Something has to shift in order for them to be felt..
      This is partly why the Earth is crying, breaking, She too is part of this Universal Consciousness, Gaia is a living breathing Living Planet.. If she were dead she would be a cold frozen planet.
      She is shaking us up as she is trying to stop herself being distroyed, mined, poisoned, trees taken, oceans polluted etc etc…
      As she shakes us, We are in those places and get swept away… the rest of us feel compassion…
      Now those whose Free will took the Darker side.. the Negative energy are wanting to win that battle. they are ruled by a few elite lets say.. And while I dont buy into every conspiracy theory as there is a lot of Disinformation out there just to keep the Fear going.. There is however alot of Truth in alot of it.. I have researched, done my homework.. and if you read a few of my latter blog posts you will see I am trying to awaken people up to themselves..
      I wish I could put into a few simple words all I knew, and it’s not just what I gleaned on the web, but this knowing has been with me since I was a child too.. And your ET profile picture is apt in that we are not alone and the powers that be have known that for very many years.
      The Shift can be done when enough of us start to be more positive, caring, compassionate.. and it doesn’t take the whole of the planet to facilitate only a good portion… Thats why I bang on about THOUGHTS.. Our Minds, Thoughts are a vibration they are the very source of creation IzaakMak.. as we think so we create… thats why I go on too for you to alter your thought patterns.. and sorry if I so go on.. but I see where I went wrong many years ago.. and only this past year I was severely tested again… and nearly flipped out.. but I realised why.. and altered my thought process again and Im back on track.. Any How… delete this comment if you need to.. I just want you to know that we are more than capable of Many Great Things IzaakMak… in fact we are the Creators! Believe!!!
      ~Love and Blessings… Sue


      • Wow Sue, I’ve always felt that the whole Good versus Evil thing was really a matter of positive energy versus negative energy! That was what was in my mind when I wrote It’s Nature’s Way Of Telling You Something’s Wrong, but I shied away from sounding mystical and tried to state it in more scientific terms. I’ve been meaning to rewrite that post to better explain what I really felt, but have yet to come up with the words to do so. You’ve given me more to work with towards that goal than I’ve had in a long while. Thanks! 😀


  3. What an amazing dream! I like what Sue has said, she is so compassionate and can put it into words well.
    I enjoyed that “natures way of telling you something wrong” post of yours. I remember the song by Spirit too! 😉
    We are in an exciting time of our being.
    Raven xx


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