Tolerance… Not! Gays and Marriage

This, I think, is the easiest of these issues to deal with. Really folks, aren’t ‘gays’ human too? Aren’t they just as deserving of ‘human rights’ as anyone else? And none of that ‘but it’s not natural’ crap. As any self-respecting scientist will tell you, ‘unnatural acts’ are impossible by definition. Now walking through the air from rooftop to rooftop would be an unnatural act! Are you, whom I assume want to be considered rational, really willing to admit that that you’ve gotten all bent out of shape over things that don’t even exist? Perhaps you think that ‘science is just another tool of Satan being used to trick us into doing evil.’ Well something is doing the trick alright, but perhaps we should look a little closer to home in our search for the villain. The fact is that homosexuals, bisexuals, and gender bending have always existed, and not just amongst us humans. Get over it!

The big noise these days is over ‘Gay Marriage.’ Would someone please tell me why Gays should be protected from making the same stupid mistakes as the rest of us! Personally, I can’t understand why anyone would want to be legally bound to another person anyway. That smacks of slavery to me, but humans do have a long history of choosing bondage over freedom – no pun intended. I’d rather know that the person I’m with is free to leave at any time – that he or she doesn’t really need to be with me at all – because that’s the only way I can really know that they’re with me because they want to be. That’s the kind of ‘security’ I want. The kind that truly frees me from those psychotic urges to control my mate’s activities and associations.

Perhaps you are now thinking: “Now wait just a darn minute there. What about the kids?” Well, if you think that the true purpose of marriage is to ensure that our kids are properly cared for, then I submit that what’s commonly considered ‘a proper marriage’ has a miserable track record. Let’s face it, unless you have the resources available to the rich and powerful, you don’t have much hope of providing all that your children need, or of protecting them from the ravages of living in an irrational society. And as we all know, even the rich and powerful can’t get it right if they don’t know what they’re doing. While I don’t claim to have any perfect answers, I am sure that kids need be be raised in an environment that encourages free thought and provides examples of rational behavior.

At the risk of inspiring another of those ‘pitchforks and torches’ moments, may I offer the concept of the Group Family. No, I am not advocating the lifestyles of polygamous cults or kings with harems, although most would consider my thoughts just as radical. I’m referring to a voluntary adult enterprise, with each member investing his or her own set of resources, towards the goal of caring and working for each other and their children. Imagine that, a more highly evolved ‘sacred institution’ dedicated to the happiness and prosperity of it’s members. It’s like Freedom breeding freedom! What a concept!

I was first introduced to this idea through the works of author Robert A. Heinlein, and most particularly from his book Time Enough For Love. I urge anyone looking to expand their horizons a bit, or who just simply want a damn good reading experience, to give it a go.

I want ice water.

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9 thoughts on “Tolerance… Not! Gays and Marriage

  1. We have always been told…..everyone is created equal……this is just more proof that we are NOT .
    Society makes ( or tries to make) the rules ( changes), and people are not
    liking the changes. I think change is comming, and society is not as rigid
    as it used to be. ( change will come)
    I have several friends who are gay. The are hard working, friendly, honest,
    well educated, and a joy to be around. They live with their partners, and some
    have children, who enjoy the (loving) home they live in. I would rather see a child brought up in a loving home with 2 people of the same sex, than
    a home where there is a male and female ( just for show) and have a terrible marriage, and it takes it’s tole on the kids.


    • Right on! I have known many gay people in my life, some of whom were good friends of mine. But I must admit that, as a veteran, I have been reluctant to speak out on this issue because of the pervasive homophobic attitude within the military community.

      When this became a big issue during the Clinton years, I couldn’t help but wonder how many of those I knew in the Air Force and through the V.A. were having to live with the pain of hiding their true selves from their fellows. It has bothered me ever since. And after the recent events in California and elsewhere I just had to say something.


  2. I just saw your comment on my blog and thank you for doing that.

    Yeah the topic is receiving heat with California upholding the ban.

    I’m wondering what’s going to happen with New York.

    Will NY legalize gay marriage?


  3. Thanks for your comment. I was hoping to get more feedback on whether or not my article was useful in answering the question posed by yours.

    I’m sure that gay marriage will be legal in all states eventually. But considering our history, I’m sure it’ll take a long and painful journey to get there.

    Hopefully, we’ll all be forced to reassess the meaning and purpose behind terms like “relationship” and “marriage” so that we can finally get on with lives where we treat each other, and our children, with the support and consideration a truly “free” people deserve.

    One of my favorite quotes: [In a free society] there can be no such thing as the right to violate the rights of others.”


  4. Love this… I have a lot of gay freinds/family and I think here in the UK we are more tolerant, we have more a “sense of people” as individuals, each to their own, “well we have to” I may not like who you are or how you think, but I will die for the right for you to be you, my motto… x

    Hugs Carole xxx


  5. Thanks. It’s sad how so many Americans brag about having an American motto that’s almost identical to yours. It’s one of the things that gave me so much pride growing up. For a so-called “Christian nation” we are such a bunch of hypocrites.

    Hugs back at ya! Mak.


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