Your Problem Is Obvious!

In one of those “weirdly ironical” twists, yesterday’s really bad mood was both accentuated and relieved by a report on my local morning news that the Ohio State Fair would be opening today, and that the fair’s annual Butter Cow was all ready to go. I mean really, cows sculpted from butter? Life here in “The First World” is just so damned hard! :roll:

But that report did at least remind me of these hilarious Weird Al Yankovic videos… ;)


Human Templates?

Call me crazy (again), but I’ve always been fascinated by what I see as repeating patterns in the appearance of human faces. You know, the things about a given face that reminds you of another face you’ve seen before. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve seen people that looked so much like someone I knew that I’d swear they had to be related. Hell, I even had a coworker curse me out once for ignoring her when she said hello to ‘me’ at the bank – when I’d never even been to that bank! To this day, I’m not sure if she believed it wasn’t really me. I do know that I’m glad my ‘doppelgänger’ wasn’t there to rob the place. I might still be in jail if she’d been called as a witness!

Anyway, I’ve often wondered if anyone has ever been crazy enough to try to prove that such ‘human templates’ actually exist. Well, photographer François Brunelle has made one hell of an effort to do just that!

A War On Money And Jobs

Oh The Humanity!

You know, we humans have a way of making these cute, philosophical sounding, “proclamations” without really thinking them through. For example, take this little image I saw on Facebook the other day…

Friday Foolishness - Anti-Gravity

Friday Foolishness – Anti-Gravity…

Okay, I’ll grant that there may be some merit to the theory. But I’m having a hard time seeing how it can be applied to produce things like this. Not to mention the terrible problems I foresee with maintenance. Perhaps it’s time to try a different approach. One that might come in handy after global warming leaves us all under water! O_o

Friday Foolishness - The Interview

Friday Foolishness – The Interview…

In case you hadn’t heard, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un threatened yet another ‘Merciless’ attack against the U.S. a couple of days ago – this time in ‘retaliation’ over the pending release of a movie. At the time, I thought the news was certainly worthy of a chuckle, a ‘WTF?’ and one of those ‘Good Grief’ eye-rolls. But then, that was two days ago, and, in a world chock full of things that inspire me to respond that way, the story simply faded into the background noise.

That is, until I saw George Takei’s post about it on Facebook. OMG – the responses he got were just hilarious! Here’s just a sampling of the images people included with their comments…


Freaky Friday!

I hadn’t actually planned to post anything today, but my son blew my mind by getting up a full 6 hours before his normal rise time to, of all things, earn some money doing landscape work with his friend! I’m not sure if I should pinch myself, or if I’ve already awakened in an alternate universe. Either way, I think this calls for a celebration! 8-)

Ahh those lovely typos

Ahh those lovely typos!

For anyone who likes to write, spelling and grammar checkers are wonderful and (especially in my case) essential tools for avoiding embarrassment. Unfortunately, only a very careful proofreading can catch some things. Like this hilarious “typo” posted by fellow blogger Rincewind… ;)