Some Monday Afternoon Beauty

Some Monday Afternoon Beauty…

I don’t know if I’ve actually posted this video before or if it’s just one in that huge pile of things I’ve bookmarked but never got around to. Either way, I’m really grateful to the folks at The Mind Unleashed for bringing it back to my attention…

All By Himself

All By Himself…

Having spent far more time than I liked on the road feeling stuck and all alone, I might’ve found this video too much of a depressing a reminder of all the time I’ve wasted chasing other people’s dreams. But all thoughts like that vanished very quickly once I started watching! :)

And Speaking of Awesome

And Speaking of Awesome…

Following up on my first post of the day… For those who missed Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s heartfelt tribute to Carl Sagan during the premiere of “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” Open Culture did a wonderful post that included this video and this photocopy of the amazing letter Tyson received from Sagan when he was just 17!

Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain

Despite my own lack of faith, I have no problem at all relating to the wonderful art of Leonard Knight, nor to the life he lived while producing it. And, were I to undertake something like it myself, I know the exact song I’d be humming while I worked!


Goddess Of Steel

According to Paul Caridad’s Visual News article, it took 750 feet of steel wire, 200 grinder bits, and 16 months of work for Sandman Creations sculptor Sean Sobczak to create his incredible six and a half foot tall “Shake Dreams From Your Hair” sculpture. Fortunately, filmographer Beau Lambert captured the entire process, allowing for the creation of this beautiful time-lapse video that shows all of it in just 4 minutes!