Michael Winslow Does Zeppelin

Michael Winslow Does Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”

For those who don’t recall, Michael Winslow played the crazy, weird voices and sound effects making “Larvell Jones” character in all those “Police Academy” movies back in the 80s and 90s. Well, would you believe he’s still going strong? Just check out this little performance, with folk pop-musician Odd Nordstoga, on Norway’s “Senkveld med Thomas og Harald” (Late Night with Thomas and Harold) TV show!


These Sisters Totally Rock Their Cover Of Disney’s “Let It Go”

I was just blown away when I saw this on my morning news. Hailing from the City of Santiago in the Philippines, the very talented Gollayan sisters go by the name “MICA” (from their initials: Mylene, Irene, Celina and Almira). The video is of their amazing performance on the South Korean television talent show SUPERSTAR K6, singing “Let It Go” from the Disney animated film “Frozen”.

Sean Bean - Legends

Don’t Kill Sean Bean?

Okay, I was watching the premiere of new TNT Network show, Legends, last Wednesday, which was pretty good I thought. However, call it a sneaking a suspicion if you will, but I’m thinking that, when the new show eventually concludes… The final scene will be Bloody Legendary! O_o