Gravitational Beauty…

I had actually planned to include some of these images in my previous post. Unfortunately, deciding when I’ve had enough proved to be as difficult as closing a big bag of my favorite chips… They’re as irresistible as gravity man! O_o

Fab Ciraolo


I was so taken by the images that my friend Rincewind reblogged from the KlímtBaLan blog that I decided to go directly to their source and grab these awesome images as well. Wow! :)

Friday Foolishness - Anti-Gravity

Friday Foolishness – Anti-Gravity…

Okay, I’ll grant that there may be some merit to the theory. But I’m having a hard time seeing how it can be applied to produce things like this. Not to mention the terrible problems I foresee with maintenance. Perhaps it’s time to try a different approach. One that might come in handy after global warming leaves us all under water! O_o

WTF Cat!

Welcome To The Cocoon Of Fun!

So my son, who spends so much time in his room playing online games that I actually forget he’s here at times, surprised me last night by coming out of his room to ask if I’d been having problems with the Internet. He gave me the strangest look when I burst out laughing. I’m guessing he didn’t notice what was on my monitor at the time… ;)