The Power of Optics

The Power Of Optics!

After hundreds, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of years struggling to free itself from the sun’s awesome grasp, a lowly photon is finally free to speed off, at 186 thousand miles per second, on an almost 93 million mile journey to arrive here, on earth, roughly 8 minutes later. And what happens then is, well, less impressive than such a journey would seem to deserve. That is until you realize that our lowly photon did not come alone.

In fact, lowly photons like that, arriving at a staggering multi-trillions per second rate, are perhaps the prime driver of all the magic that happens here on our little world. And when I say “magic” I mean life baby. And, at the top of that flourishing tree of life is us, who, after our own long and epic journey through the evolutionary grinder, have finally learned enough about how it all works to be able to do really cool things like this…

Fab Ciraolo


I was so taken by the images that my friend Rincewind reblogged from the KlímtBaLan blog that I decided to go directly to their source and grab these awesome images as well. Wow! :)