Let The Good Times Roll

Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!

Good grief. I really need to stop falling asleep with the news playing on my TV. With continuing coverage of the potential invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, the ongoing search and recovery efforts after the horrible mudslide in Washington state, and, of course, the never-ending quest to find out what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, it’s no wonder I woke up in such a grumpy mood! >:(

Pat Condell

What Would A Patriot Do?

With her Patriotism is more than a lapel pin (video) post, fellow blogger Pied Type inspired a lively discussion about the meaning of, and the abuses inspired by, this thing we call patriotism. Frankly, I wish I’d been able to contribute more to the conversation. But the truth is that my feelings on the subject are a bit “nebulous” to say the least, and even that quote from the Declaration of Independence – which used to seem so definitive to me – now just seems to inspire more questions than it provides answers. I do, however, encourage all my readers to go take a look at Pied Type’s post.

Adding to my own confusion on the matter was the following video posted on The “Great” One’s Blog the day before Pied Type published her post, and seeing it posted again this morning on the Always Question Authority blog is what inspired me to do a post of my own…


Post Valentine Reflections…

Love. It transcends age, distance and time. It is what connects the human spirit to the world around us and to each other. It is the ebb and flow between two souls, a continual conversation that requires no words. It is the beauty that resonates long after the skin has faded and our bodies have grown soft.

Love. It is the purpose and meaning of our existence. It is why, year after decade, century after millennium we continue. Continue to share, continue to smile, continue to reach out and be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Obama - Santana small


You know, sometimes I envy the bloggers who’re able to pick a certain area of coverage and then stick to that area. I, on the other hand, have so many things I want to blog about that “I Want Ice Water!” is anything but a “focused” blog. The problem with having such an “unfocused” mind is that there are just so many topics that, despite their importance, I just never seem to get around to covering as well as I’d have liked to. An example of that is music. Yeah I know, you look at the long list of artists on my Music On This Blog page and it seems like I’ve done a pretty fair job of covering the music I like. But then something like the recent Kennedy Center Honors comes along and I’m reminded, once again, of just how short that list is in comparison to what it should be!

Pink Floyd "Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)"

For The Love Of Music

“Music may be the activity that prepared our pre-human ancestors for speech communication and for the very cognitive, representational flexibility necessary to become humans.” – Daniel J. Levitin

Swami Vivekananda

Moon Child

The beautiful images below are from the ༺♥༻ Moon Child ༺♥༻ blog on Tumblr. The original posts all include an inspirational quote from a person of note, which you can read by using the links provided…