The Future’s So Bright…

You know, with all the talk about robots, and drones, and guys falling in love with their PCs :shock: these days, it’s good to know some folks are actually taking preparing their kids for the future seriously… :wink:

Still, they’ve gotta get that kid some shades! :lol:

Happy Freakin New Year! :mrgreen:

Who's On First

Who’s On First?

The title to this post is, of course, in reference to Abbott & Costello’s famous Who’s On First comedy sketch – something, oddly enough, I think of whenever I hear the term Third World. I mean, who is it, exactly, that’s arrogant enough to think they can decide who lives in what world?

Oh wait… I think I know… Well, we do love a little whine with our cheese, don’t we? :oops:

13. Focus on yourself

More Help With Those Resolutions!

Here’s another humorous attempt at helping y’all “keep it real” with those New Year’s Resolutions…

Starting with a few thoughts from Adam Davis on BuzzFeed… And finishing with a few “insightful” bits tossed in for good measure…