Philadelphia Freedom! (small)

Philadelphia Freedom!

Philadelphia Freedom may not be my favorite Elton John song, but it holds a special place in my heart because it came out during the winter of My International Incident in Panama…

I didn’t actually hear the song until after I returned to the states in February of 1976, but it will always stand as a reminder of just how good it felt to be back home again, and, not to mention, free!

F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Test Of A First Rate Intelligence

The Return Of Lawrence O’Donnell

I am not a big fan of television news. Don’t get me wrong, I do check in now and then just to check on the weather and to make sure I won’t be the last guy on earth to know the world is ending, but, as a general rule, I find the news to be just too damned depressing to watch for more than a few minutes at a time.

But there are a couple of “voices” on the news that I really like listening to, even though we may disagree on so many things. One of them is Rachel Maddow, and the other is Lawrence O’Donnell. I may avoid the heavily left-leaning MSNBC throughout the day as much as I avoid all the rest, but I try to at least check-in once or twice during at evening just to see what’s up with those two.

The thing is, though I’d been checking-in as regularly as usual, I just kept missing Mr. O’Donnell over the last couple of months somehow – that is, until last night…

All By Himself

All By Himself…

Having spent far more time than I liked on the road feeling stuck and all alone, I might’ve found this video too much of a depressing a reminder of all the time I’ve wasted chasing other people’s dreams. But all thoughts like that vanished very quickly once I started watching! :)


The Magic Of Billy Joel

Of all the great music I’ve loved in my life, much of which I’ve posted here, there’s none that’s more dear to me than that of Billy Joel and Elton John. The thing is, I’ve featured Elton John on this blog far more often than I have the great Billy Joel. I’d like to begin to remedy that imbalance with this post.

But how, exactly, does one select from such an incredible career? Well, not for the first time, I’ve literally spent hours searching for, and listening to, videos of his music, trying to narrow it down. Here’s what I’ve come up with…

You Should Never Argue With A Crazy Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mind!

You Should Never Argue With A Crazy Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mind!

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve been allowing my youngest son living with me. You know, the one who asked if he could move in with me because it was closer to the college that he now no longer attends? The one who promised that his presence here wouldn’t be a burden to me, and said that having someone to look out for me would, in fact, be a good thing? Yeah, that’s the one!

Wouldn't It Be Nice

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

Having learned at a very young age how rarely my interpretations of the world around me lines up with those of other people, I’ve never, ever, felt comfortable assuming I could predict how anyone would react to anything – not even the people I’ve been close to. Take other men for example. On the surface at least, we all seem to have in common a love for gadgets, action, and attractive women. You know, guy stuff. But in the end, almost none of the guys I’ve known have had much interest at all in discussing why we are the way we are and what our likes and dislikes say about us.


Three Dog Night

A Three Dog Night Sing-A-Long!

M-R’s comment on my previous post reminded me that I’ve done a very poor job of representing one of my favorite bands on this blog – Three Dog Night. The thing is, how does one go about paying tribute to a band that had 21 consecutive top 40 hits? Well, for me at least, the solution is easy…

I’ll simply post the ones that I sang along to the most!