A Little Immigration Humor 19

A Little Immigration Humor!

Okay, it’s Hump Day and I really need to let off a little steam. My brain isn’t exactly working at maximum capacity, but here goes anyway – my attempt at mocking the totally predictable, knee-jerk reactionary dingbat response to President Obama’s executive order immigration policy band-aid…

Madness 08


A follow-up, of sorts, to my earlier posts of the day. Of course, you might have to be a little crazy to see how…

Anyway, it’s said that “hot” girls are drawn to “bad” boys. I wonder why that might be? :roll:

Happy Birthday to Carl 02

Child of the Cosmos Revisited…

It’s funny. Just days before seeing the following image from Child of the Cosmos, I was having my own goofy thoughts regarding how difficult developing a working missile defense system has turned out to be… But then it occurred to me that the European Space Agency – Rosetta mission team did have a little more…

My Opponent Is A Hatchet-Faced Nutmeg Dealer 01

My Opponent Is A Hatchet-Faced Nutmeg Dealer!

If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably looking forward to the mid-term elections coming to an end tomorrow just as much as I am. I’m telling you, after months of negative or even downright crazy political ads, I’m thinking that the whole country might be in need of a good long shower – regardless of how the vote goes.

With that in mind, it occurs to me that a little bit of stress relief – by way of videos that I think capture the “spirit” of today’s politics so well – might just be in order! ;)