Hump Day Madness 23

Hump Day Madness!

Well, this week certainly got off to a wonderful start. Between all the back spasms up and PC freeze-ups, I’ve been in just a wonderful mood! But hey, it’s “hump day,” and things are going just well enough at the moment for me too vent my frustration with a little Hump Day Madness!!! >:D

Paranormal Cativity (small)

Paranormal Cativity!

I love cats. Their mysterious and bizarre behavior just cracks me up! But have you ever wondered why it is that some people think they’re possessed by demons? Well, you might think those people have a case after you have a look at Exhibits A and B! :shock:

You know, I think it might be time to call for some “expert” assistance! :wink:

Monday Musings 02

Just Another Manic Monday…

Well what do you know friends? I was awakened this morning by a call setting up the next appointment in my seemingly never-ending dentistry saga… The thing is, we are talking about me – you know, the “urban hermit” who never leaves his apartment except to stave off starvation or to reduce the stench from accumulated garbage! – actually making multiple trips away from said apartment to, of all things, intentionally allow strange people to jab needles into, and yank things out of, my mouth! :shock:

Now I could go on and on and on and on about how agitated I get just thinking about it…