Your Problem Is Obvious!

In one of those “weirdly ironical” twists, yesterday’s really bad mood was both accentuated and relieved by a report on my local morning news that the Ohio State Fair would be opening today, and that the fair’s annual Butter Cow was all ready to go. I mean really, cows sculpted from butter? Life here in “The First World” is just so damned hard! :roll:

But that report did at least remind me of these hilarious Weird Al Yankovic videos… ;)

A Peek Into Our Future 05

A Peek Into Our Future?

With all our miraculous technological advances, is there any wonder why the people who envision them can have such positive expectations for the future? On the other hand, seeing the way we actually use this wonderful technology, I have to ask myself if the future we’re headed for is anywhere near as ‘bright’ as we dream it will be…

Friday Foolishness - The Interview

Friday Foolishness – The Interview…

In case you hadn’t heard, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un threatened yet another ‘Merciless’ attack against the U.S. a couple of days ago – this time in ‘retaliation’ over the pending release of a movie. At the time, I thought the news was certainly worthy of a chuckle, a ‘WTF?’ and one of those ‘Good Grief’ eye-rolls. But then, that was two days ago, and, in a world chock full of things that inspire me to respond that way, the story simply faded into the background noise.

That is, until I saw George Takei’s post about it on Facebook. OMG – the responses he got were just hilarious! Here’s just a sampling of the images people included with their comments…


Summer Solstice Sixty-Nine…

I’ve heard it said that if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit. I’m not exactly sure which of those categories this post falls into, but I am sure that today is the first day of Summer, and that there are 69 reflections of my thoughts in this image gallery… :roll:


Freaky Friday!

I hadn’t actually planned to post anything today, but my son blew my mind by getting up a full 6 hours before his normal rise time to, of all things, earn some money doing landscape work with his friend! I’m not sure if I should pinch myself, or if I’ve already awakened in an alternate universe. Either way, I think this calls for a celebration! 8-)

You Should Never Argue With A Crazy Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mind!

You Should Never Argue With A Crazy Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mind!

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve been allowing my youngest son living with me. You know, the one who asked if he could move in with me because it was closer to the college that he now no longer attends? The one who promised that his presence here wouldn’t be a burden to me, and said that having someone to look out for me would, in fact, be a good thing? Yeah, that’s the one!