Dream Team!

Well, after almost a day and a half needing only OTC meds to manage the war raging in my face, I was awakened a couple of hours ago with a very clear “Not so fast Sonny!” warning from Mother Nature. So, now that the tears have stopped and I’m back in that “not quite clear yet ‘Comfortably Numb’” state, I’d like to post the video that actually inspired Sunday’s Fevered Mutterings… post yet somehow didn’t make the cut. I just hope my real world friends will follow through and help get me to the end of my little drama…


Sexy Sunday

Okay, I’ll admit that this one will appeal more to the guys than to the ladies. But hey, I’m a guy, and this is the season for fanciful wishes, right? But fear not ladies, I’ve included a little “something something” for you at the end… :wink:

Beauty of Fantasy 19

The Beauty Of…

Okay, so I got just a little bit carried away with these wonderful images. But hey, they’re from 3 associated sites, and I defy anyone to visit them and not get caught up!

Rocky Mountain Way

After including that great Joe Walsh classic in this morning’s post, I was inspired to dig into my collection to see what other treasures I hadn’t heard in a long while. And that’s when I remembered this awesome gem: Spent the last year Rocky Mountain Way Couldn’t get much higher Out to pasture – think…

Sunday With The Guys

If you’re looking for something to inspire you today, then these videos from Metousiosis and Cool Berman might be just what you’re looking for. First, a little something to excite your spirit. And then a little something to warm your heart. Good friends are worth their weight in gold!