Science Sunday

Sunday Science

In anticipation of tonight’s episode of COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey, I’ve been inspired to search for something “sciencey” to post. These two short videos fill the bill quite nicely I think. The first one was even inspired by a quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson! :D

Who's On First

Who’s On First?

The title to this post is, of course, in reference to Abbott & Costello’s famous Who’s On First comedy sketch – something, oddly enough, I think of whenever I hear the term Third World. I mean, who is it, exactly, that’s arrogant enough to think they can decide who lives in what world?

Oh wait… I think I know… Well, we do love a little whine with our cheese, don’t we? :oops:

You Go World 03

Sunday Reflections…

I saw this on the live broadcast of Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN this morning, and was a little taken aback by my poor performance on the full quiz. I’m reblogging it here because I’d like to know how you feel about your results… That quiz, I think, also fits quite well with these items I found an Deison’s Blog on Tumblr last night…


3 Girls And Their Princess Machine

There are few things that annoy me more than Christmas ads on TV, particularly the ones that use children to convince other children that they just can’t have a “Merry Christmas” unless the crap they’re pushing is under the tree. However, having said that, I do occasionally see products that strike me as more than just useless junk kids will lose interest in almost immediately after receiving them – toys specifically designed in inspire a kid’s “imagineering” side.

Toys like GoldieBlox for instance…

Mister Rogers Remixed

I meant to post this video awhile back but somehow managed to lose track of it. I can’t say I was much of a fan back when my kids were young enough to watch, but I’ve always appreciated the gentle touch of PBS children’s programming and there’s certainly no one more symbolic of that gentleness…

Ever Wonder? – A History Lesson

This is another of those hilarious “E-Mail Funnies” that my friend Rosie sends me from time to time: :wink: Have you ever wondered who first uttered the phrase: “You Gotta Be Shittin Me!” Well, it just so happens to have originated through the Father of Our Country, way back when George Washington was crossing the…