Science Sunday

Sunday Science

In anticipation of tonight’s episode of COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey, I’ve been inspired to search for something “sciencey” to post. These two short videos fill the bill quite nicely I think. The first one was even inspired by a quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson! :D


An Update on the ‘Cosmos’ Reboot!

Many of you will recall this excited bit of writing from my Cosmos – A Spacetime Odyssey! post of last July:

If you’re as big a fan of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: A Personal Voyage mini-series as I am, which is only the most widely watched PBS series in the world, then you’re probably well aware of the fact that an all new version, Cosmos – A Spacetime Odyssey, hosted by renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, has been in the works.

Well, while I haven’t been able to find an exact premiere date for the new show, they have released its first official trailer – an awesome spectacle in its own right!

Well my friends, after reading the Rebooting ‘Cosmos’: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explains Why Iconic TV Series Returns in 2014 article on yesterday, and then following that with a little searching around, I am as pleased as punch to bring you this update to my previous post! :D


My Pretty Universe

Perhaps the worst aspect of living as an “urban hermit” is having my enjoyment of the world outside limited mostly to what I can see through the “windows” of my TV and computer screens. Thankfully, after the really rough start my day had, there are sites like My Pretty Universe I can lose myself in to restore my sense of wonder…


Comet ISON Approaching The Sweet Spot!

The awesome image below is from the Whoa. Take a Look at Comet ISON Now post on Universe Today. It’s one of the best images to date of Comet ISON in outburst, as it approaches the sun during its first ever loop through the inner solar system from the far reaches of the Oort Cloud…



When I was putting my (Don’t Fear) The Reaper post together, there were two things I just couldn’t get out of my mind. The first was how tempted I was by the “Baby take my hand…” lyrics to include these images in that post… And the second was just how much (Don’t Fear) The Reaper seemed kind of like a sequel, if you will, to my favorite Blue Öyster Cult song of them all…

Open Dreams

Hold Your Head Up!

You know, I’ve lived inside this crazy head of mine for almost 58 years, and yet I’m still amazed at how easily distracted I can be. Yesterday, while looking forward to what I might blog about today, I’d decided it was high time I got around to doing that full spate of aviation related posts I’ve been collecting all those links and images for for such a long time. Man I tell ya, I’ve got so much stuff, everything from flying cars to fighter jets to spacecraft – so much, in fact, that I really don’t know how I’d have actually pulled it all together – and yet here I’ve managed to fritter the day away without so much as an attempt. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna go down without doing anything at all. No way, Jose!

I can at least post these three really cool videos that express so well what it all means to me…