Rollin' Safari!

Rollin’ Safari!

Fellow blogger Poietes included this hilarious video in her excellent Friday leftovers post. The Three Dog Night lyrics, I’m afraid, are just the product of my own diseased mind… :roll:

Science Sunday

Sunday Science

In anticipation of tonight’s episode of COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey, I’ve been inspired to search for something “sciencey” to post. These two short videos fill the bill quite nicely I think. The first one was even inspired by a quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson! :D

A Feast To Behold!

A Visual Feast that is. Just wanted to close out the day by reblogging a couple of awesome videos from two more of my wonderful friends… Via Dreamlapse @ Metousiosis,And Mitch Myers on Vimeo Via A fox tale @ Cool Berman,A Fox Tale on Vimeo,And AFoxTaleMovie.Com I want ice water. More from the Visual Treats…

Sang d’Encre

In response to a question about the meaning behind the title (and content?) of this video, fellow blogger Cool Berman gave this simple yet profound response: “Se faire un sang d’encre : to worry excessively // to be worried sick” Having spent so much of my life locked up in precisely such a state, I…

The Monk & The Monkey

Okay, it’s Sunday and in a bit of a “philosophizing” mood. And while I’m working on more serious “Sunday Sermon” for my “Major Rants” volume, I’d like to start the day with by re-blogging this beautiful video my friend Cool Berman included in his The Monk & The Monkey post: A determined young boy, Ragu,…