Goddess Of Steel

According to Paul Caridad’s Visual News article, it took 750 feet of steel wire, 200 grinder bits, and 16 months of work for Sandman Creations sculptor Sean Sobczak to create his incredible six and a half foot tall “Shake Dreams From Your Hair” sculpture. Fortunately, filmographer Beau Lambert captured the entire process, allowing for the creation of this beautiful time-lapse video that shows all of it in just 4 minutes!


Magic Tricks for Dogs?

I found this video over on the Twisted Sifter blog. According to them, “Finnish magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen was curious to know how dogs would respond to a disappearing treat.” Although their reactions are indeed “adorable” …

Kia K900 Morpheus

Awesome Commercials!

Advertisers have to just love televised sports events. After all, nothing defeats the dreaded ad-killing DVR like a live broadcast with a very hard to predict end time! Anyway, I’ve been watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament – a difficult enough task, considering it’s spread across four channels