My friend Rincewind shared the link to the space.io9 post containing Erik Wernquist’s video with me last weekend, but, as you know, I was a little busy having my mind blown in a much less fun way by a ransomware attack. Fortunately, the folks over at Twisted Sifter did their own post on it to remind me. Personally, I’d watch almost anything that includes a voice-over by Carl Sagan, but his voice over stunning imagery like this is something special indeed

Ransomeware thumb

My Adventure In Hostage Land!

A funny thing happened over the weekend, that is “funny” as in “embarrassing.” You see, I’d been experimenting over the last week or so to gradually reduce the number of things running in the background on my PC to see if I might get a better picture of what might be behind the recent increase in freeze-ups I’ve been experiencing. Well, I got tired and, worse yet, I didn’t think to turn my security settings back up before allowing my son to use my PC to do a little social networking. Nevertheless, I was still shaken to the core when he called me to come see the strange “pop-up” that had suddenly appeared on my screen announcing the horrible truth that my PC was no longer under my control!

Pardon My Giblets 1-07

Pardon My Giblets…

Have you ever wondered what those turkeys who weren’t pardoned by the president thought of their lack of luck while looking down from Turkey Heaven or up from Turkey Hell? No? Well I have. And let me tell ya my friends, those were some disturbed thoughts indeed! O_o

Okay, so I’m strange. Just remember: We are what we eat. Oh shut up!!!! ^^’

A Little Immigration Humor 19

A Little Immigration Humor!

Okay, it’s Hump Day and I really need to let off a little steam. My brain isn’t exactly working at maximum capacity, but here goes anyway – my attempt at mocking the totally predictable, knee-jerk reactionary dingbat response to President Obama’s executive order immigration policy band-aid…

Alas Ferguson

Alas, Ferguson…

Well my friends, to the surprise of almost no one I’m sure, a St. Louis County grand jury has decided not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for the killing of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, thus sparking – again to no one’s surprise – yet another addition to the already horrendously long list of American incidents of civil unrest.

I’ve been having flashbacks all night of other civil unrest nightmares that have occurred within just my memory, and I, for one, am pretty damned sick of all the madness. To tell you the truth, I’m pretty damned sick of America right now too. And yet… I’ll be damned if I can think of any place else I’d rather live…

Madness 08


A follow-up, of sorts, to my earlier posts of the day. Of course, you might have to be a little crazy to see how…

Anyway, it’s said that “hot” girls are drawn to “bad” boys. I wonder why that might be? :roll: