How The Sun Sees You?

This one is both fascinating and, well, a little creepy too. Okay, we hear all the time about how ultraviolet radiation from the sun can damage our skin, right? But did you know that an ultraviolet camera can be used to reveal the hidden freckles and splotches the sun has already left on your skin? Well, take a look as videographer Thomas Leveritt shocks and amazes a bunch of people by revealing what the sun has done to them!


Reflections On Fallen Leaves…

As a child, I never could quite understand people’s fascination with fragile things, since they had to keep everyone – like rambunctious little boys – away from them. I’m much older now. And while I’m still not sure I’d trust myself to take proper care of such things, I do have much more of an appreciation for what they represent.

Since seeing these very cool Omid Asadi images on Visual News and Twisted Sifter, I’ve come to think of them as excellent ‘reflections’ of just how fragile things can be, and of just how hard it might be to repair them once broken…

John Oliver On Making Fun Of Serious News

John Oliver On Making Fun Of Serious News

I’ve mentioned before what big fan I am of John Oliver and how happy I am that he now has his own “fake news” show, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, on HBO. Well now I have another reason to be happy, both for myself and for him, because the PBS NewsHour – one of the very few news programs I actually respect – has taken note of his comedic genius as well!