Your Problem Is Obvious!

In one of those “weirdly ironical” twists, yesterday’s really bad mood was both accentuated and relieved by a report on my local morning news that the Ohio State Fair would be opening today, and that the fair’s annual Butter Cow was all ready to go. I mean really, cows sculpted from butter? Life here in “The First World” is just so damned hard! :roll:

But that report did at least remind me of these hilarious Weird Al Yankovic videos… ;)

The Gunner's Dream

Just The Cheese, Please…

Have you ever been so depressed that all your thoughts begin to seem like one long, whining, drone? Well, that’s how I felt yesterday, and why I couldn’t muster up the energy to post these great MetalGuruMessiah videos until now.

Reflections On A Lasting Peace

Reflections On A Lasting Peace…

A friend of mine shared the following video on Facebook, which does a fairly good job of outlining the history behind the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. The problem with this video is that the history it outlines only goes back to the conclusion of World War II, and thus, I think, paints a picture that is not entirely accurate…

John Oliver On Making Fun Of Serious News

John Oliver On Making Fun Of Serious News

I’ve mentioned before what big fan I am of John Oliver and how happy I am that he now has his own “fake news” show, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, on HBO. Well now I have another reason to be happy, both for myself and for him, because the PBS NewsHour – one of the very few news programs I actually respect – has taken note of his comedic genius as well!