Sean Bean - Legends

Don’t Kill Sean Bean?

Okay, I was watching the premiere of new TNT Network show, Legends, last Wednesday, which was pretty good I thought. However, call it a sneaking a suspicion if you will, but I’m thinking that, when the new show eventually concludes… The final scene will be Bloody Legendary! O_o


How The Sun Sees You?

This one is both fascinating and, well, a little creepy too. Okay, we hear all the time about how ultraviolet radiation from the sun can damage our skin, right? But did you know that an ultraviolet camera can be used to reveal the hidden freckles and splotches the sun has already left on your skin? Well, take a look as videographer Thomas Leveritt shocks and amazes a bunch of people by revealing what the sun has done to them!

Lauren Bacall

Goodbye and Hello…

Good grief my friends. On the heels of the death of Robin Williams, and on what would have been my Dad’s 106th birthday, I found out that Lauren Bacall died yesterday. I was actually beginning to wonder if there was any good news in the world at all! Fortunately, Rachel Maddow ended last night’s show with a reminder that there was…